Moving Forward Of Doing Responsible Drinking on Global Beer Responsibility Day

Across its markets, Carlsberg will run a variety of programmes aimed at promoting responsible drinking and reducing irresponsible consumption - including the prevention of drink driving and underage drinking, server and seller training efforts and consumer education programmes.

Carlsberg will also promote its high-quality range of alcohol free beers to give consumers a broader set of choice at different drinking occasions, aiming to reach over 20 million people in 20 markets on the day together with partners such as restaurants, bars, authorities and NGOs.

As part of its new sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO, Carlsberg has set a bold vision for a society without irresponsible drinking along with ambitions of ZERO carbon emissions, ZERO water waste and ZERO accidents. By 2030, Carlsberg aims to see a continuous reduction in irresponsible drinking across all of its markets in support of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) objective to reduce harmful drinking, and Sustainable Development Goal #3 - to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of the Carlsberg Group, said: “On Global Beer Responsibility Day we celebrate the positive role of beer in society and our year-round efforts to promote responsible drinking. It is a strong example of how we are working towards our ambition of a society with ZERO irresponsible drinking, as part of our new sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO. I am particularly pleased to see so many of our business partners and stakeholders joining us in collective solutions to important societal challenges.”

‘Responsible Drinking’ thematic parties will be held in the Hop Leaf bar at our Yangon office, as well as 16 other operation sites and the Bago brewery in Myanmar. ‘Don’t drink and drive’ stickers were shared with our colleagues. A quiz session had played to improve awareness of Together towards ZERO and responsible drinking. An email was shared to all our colleagues to promote responsible drinking. In addition, thematic posters were featured on our social media assets to advocate ‘#CheersResponsibly’ among external audiences. 

After the party, we watched the semi-final football match (U-18) – Myanmar vs Malaysia from 6 pm to 8 pm. They enjoyed a lot and had fun of watching football match together.  We celebrated “CheersResponsibly” together in Myanmar.    

Some of the celebrities from Myanmar were joined to the GBRD party on 15 September (Friday). Employees were being enjoyed the party because they had a chance of talking, engaging, communicating among colleagues. So, employees can know well each other after they were being talked a lot. They felt satisfied of standing up or showing up them in the party together.

Figure 1: Employees from different departments enjoying taking photos front of the photo booth

Figure 2: Employees from different departments enjoying taking photos front of the photo booth

Figure 3: Having Fun, Building Team Spirit in GBRD party