Tuborg launches with New Tuborg personality and style

Yangon, Friday September 14 – At Sedona Hotel Grand Ballroom, Tuborg launches new packaging and new product that brings excitement and innovation together with great taste and fun drinking experience in Myanmar. This new design is developed with the inspiration of being ‘More youthful’ ‘Unconventional’ and ‘Dynamic’.

Tuborg is a well-known global brand, bringing the high quality beer together with fun drinking experience to consumers around the world. Tuborg enters Myanmar in 2015 and since that time, Tuborg is always finding ways to offer the consumers in Myanmar with great taste and innovative drinking experience. Tuborg brings consumers with innovative music and innovative drinking experience adding astonishing fun experience while consumers are feeling Tuborg’s exceptional quality and refreshing taste.

Tuborg keeps escalating the fun experience in Myanmar. Tuborg Funbassadors; Raymond (idiots) and Sophia Everest were singing many songs to Excellency guests, partners, media during the launching ceremony. In this launching ceremony, Tuborg has also announced the renovation of its products’ packing designs and a new 500 ml can in order to offer Myanmar consumers with new brand experience.

Tuborg’s recent innovation and future activities including its new packaging design and upcoming music festival during this year will offer the customers with incredible music experience together with other exciting activities and atmosphere. With the intention of inspiring the consumers to get new experience by exploring different things with Funbassadors Raymond (Idiots) and Sophia Everest from Myanmar.


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New Tuborg personality and style

Mr. Christoph Vavrik, Managing Director of Myanmar Carlsberg Co., Ltd

Tuborg Funbassadors; Raymond (idiots) and Sophia Everest were singing many songs