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We pursue perfection every day. We strive to brew better beers; beers that stand at the heart of moments that bring people together. We never settle for immediate gain, when we can create a better tomorrow for all of us.

Priority At Our Great Brewing Process

Altogether with our great brewing, we are committed to create the Zero accidents culture. At present, what we will  win and create this culture on Brewery, Please see the details in here


  1. A lot of mild beers, like wheat/wit beers, go better with fine shellfish than wine does.
  2. Beer is normally cheaper than wine.
  3. Beer normally has a lower alcohol content than wine, which can be desirable.
  4. Use the right beer glass or just wine glass with a large rim for increased enjoyment.

But be remember for Responsible Drinking.

The brewing process

Beer production involves a great number of steps, all of which are important in determining the quality of the finished product.

What is our steps for brewing?

1. Milling

2. Mashing

3. Wort boiling and clarification

4. Fermentation and maturation

5. Filtration

6. Stringent QC

7. Packing

8. Shipment


The wholesome barley is harvested, steeped in water and germinated into green malt which is then dried in kilns. During this malting process the natural enzymes of the barley is activated and begins converting the large starch molecules into smaller sugar molecules.

This conversion is later finished in the brew house. During the drying process, finished malt assumes the colour, aroma and flavour which will decide the characteristics of the beer.

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